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Chromosome therapy to fight cancer

By taking advantage of a process that occurs in nature, CarryGenes has developed a safe and effective gene therapy that will offer novel solutions to fight cancer.

Chromosome therapy to fight cancer

CarryGenes is developing a chromosome therapy, the Cromo-T technology, that will be used to target a variety of advanced-stage cancers and be a paradigm shift in immunotherapy. Cromo-T is a T-cell containing a human Synthetic Chromosome (hSynC) carrying new genetic information to perform a variety of functions in the human body. These functions are introduced without integration into the subject’s current genome.

“We will use patient's own cells to cure cancer.”

Cromo-T in comparison to previous treatments 

Having cured its first child leukemia patient in 2012, CAR-T is considered one of the most important advances in cancer treatment of the 21st century. However, CAR-T is associated with some significant drawbacks, such as its limitation to non-solid cancer, the risk for severe toxic reactions, a restricted carrying capacity and lacking a safety switch.

The Cromo-T therapy, on the other hand, has been developed to focus on the natural process without toxic and unhealthy side effects. The research and development behind Cromo-T therapy arose from research at Karolinska Institute in Sweden and SynPloid Biotek, LLC’s DARPA funded program in the US.

In comparison to CAR-T, Cromo-T has the potential to apply to all forms of cancer, solve the immune escape mechanism, leave the patient’s genome unaltered, offer two safety switches, increase the genetic carrying capacity by orders of magnitude, and improve the expected therapeutic success rate to double that of CAR-T. 

With a passion for science 

CarryGenes merges technologies as well as expertise in immunotherapy and chromosome bioengineering to produce a novel therapeutic with advanced safety mechanisms

With a lifelong passion for science and improving human health, the team has a joint ambition to use their knowledge to improve human health. Today there are no similar solutions to fight cancer.

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Amy L. Greene

Amy L. Greene

Ph.D. Co-founder CarryGenes, CEO CarryGenes Bioengineering, LLC
Co-founder and Managing Partner of SynPloid Biotek, LLC, currently known as CarryGenes Bioengineering, a company founded in 2013 with support from the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA). She has a background as Manager Intellectual Property and Business Development, Chromos Molecular Systems Inc. She previously served as Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences Department, Mercer University School of Medicine