Providing novel solutions to fight cancer.

With an advanced level of innovation we’re developing safe and effective gene therapies that in the near future will provide patient benefits in areas of high medical needs.

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Providing novel solutions to fight cancer.

With an advanced level of innovation we’re developing safe and effective gene therapies that in the near future will provide patient benefits in areas of high medical need.

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Through developing safe and effective gene therapies CarryGenes will in a near future provide novel solutions to fight cancer.

CarryGenes Therapeutics AB, a Swedish holding company targeting the use of a human synthetic chromosome technology (hSynC for immunotherapy of cancer through effective engineering of anti-tumoral T-cells as well as broader applications beyond oncology.

Core competences and high level of innovation provide patient benefits in areas of high medical needs. Our technology platform is based on approved procedures for new gene therapeutics that offer solutions for a number of clinical applications with a short time to market.

CarryGenes Therapeutics AB has by research at Karolinska Institute and a research centre in US developed a Human Synthetic Chromosome (hSynC) that will provide physicians a powerful tool to treat cancer and to improve quality of life of patients within the field of oncology. The hSynC technology addresses significant medical needs and will have a major impact on the burden of disease. The hSynC technology is a major scientific and medical breakthrough in gene therapy of cancer.

Science Team

Professor Ola Winqvist

M.D. PhD. Professor of Cellular Immunotherapy and Senior Consultant in Clinical Immunology. Former head of the Swedish Clinical Immunology Society, and now vice chairman SLS (Swedish Society of Medicine) Research Committee.

Dr. Ed Perkins

Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences (Genetics) and Distinguished Cancer Scholar, Georgia Cancer Coalition (US). The US National Institutes of Health and the US Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) have supported his work on bioengineering of mammalian synthetic chromosomes over the last decade.

Dr. Amy Greene

Ph.D. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer SynPloid Biotek, LLC.  Awardee of Phase I and II Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA) funded project for SynPloid Biotek, LLC.  

Cromo –T ™ as Prepared Method to Target Solid Cancer

The microchromosome can act as a new chromosome in a human cell. That is, instead of 46 chromosomes, the cell could have 47 with the 47th being very small, roughly 6–10 megabases (Mb) in size instead of 50–250 Mb for natural chromosomes, and able to carry new genes introduced by human researchers. Ideally, researchers could integrate different genes that perform a variety of functions, including disease defense.

The loaded hSynC will then be introduced into T cells to create a Cromo -T ™ preparation of autologous tumor recognizing immune cells. The Cromo -T ™ preparation will after a short-term culture in the GMP laboratory be given back to the patient as a transfusion with the idea to create a state of long term vaccination against the patient’s tumor with immune cells loaded and enhanced tumor killing capacity.

Alternative methods of inserting transgenes in human cells, such as viral delivery, lead to unpredictable problems. The genetic material introduced by these vectors not only leads to different expression levels, but the inserts also disrupt the original genome. hSynCs differ in this regard, as they are entirely separate chromosomes. This separation from existing genetic material guarantee that no insertional mutants would arise. This stability and accuracy makes hSynCs preferable to tranform T-cells (Cromo -T ™).


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Business Model

Based on market and technology competition CarryGenes Therapeutics has developed a business model that has a focus on technology licensing to University Hospitals and partnering with agencies, Big Pharma and agribusiness. Partnering with Big Pharma opens an opportunity to develop more efficient methods for drug screening and synthetic chromosome technologies during drug development.

The business model offers a unique opportunity for several exit strategies including IPO strategies and merger and acquisitions..

After initial production and clinical testing in laboratories in USA and in Sweden the idea is to build 2-3 certified hSynC GMP laboratories, one in the US, one in Europe and one in Asia.

The CarryGenes laboratories will manufacture and distribute engineered hSynCs to GMP laboratories at University hospitals or private approved cell manufacturers. University hospitals will pay for a license and get certified for the Cromo – T ™ procedure after training. The price for the therapy will be based upon benchmark against CAR-T and checkpoint inhibitors. In addition, CarryGenes plans to develop cell/tissue culture media, regencies for cell cultures to be used according to license agreements. As part of the license, the local producers will report outcome data for phase IV trials.

Potential applications and business areas

Oncology – Bladder cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer

Tissue Regeneration

Regenerative medicine – diabetes mellitus type 1

Cell engineering

Infectious diseases


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