Our vision

Unlock the mysteries of cancer and provide treatments worldwide

As scientists we want to gain knowledge and as humans, we want to apply that knowledge to advance human health. That is why our vision is to decentralize the Cromo-T cell therapy and make the technology available worldwide.

Unlock the mysteries of cancer and provide treatments worldwide

Unlocking the mysteries of cancer has always been the driving force behind our research. We aim to be a key player in the fields of solid cancer treatments and the development of immunotherapy.

While gene therapy can be controversial, CarryGenes’ groundbreaking technique of using a synthetic human mini chromosome, with the ability to carry new genetic information, provides a genetic engineering method that maintains the integrity of the subject’s genome within the therapeutic cells.

The overall goal is to be able to use a patient’s own cells to cure their cancer by employing a genetic carrier developed from a process found in nature.

”We believe that our technology could be the next major breakthrough in immunoncology with an estimated success rate of 40-50% as a standalone treatment in solid cancer, and a success rate of 60-80% when combined with existing immune therapeutic agents.”

In comparison, CAR-T and Checkpoint Inhibitor treatments have a success rate of approximately 20% (in non-solid cancer). For these reasons, we predict CarryGenes’ Cromo-T therapy will prove to be a paradigm shift in immunotherapy.

Our business model

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