The next major breakthrough in immunoncology

Through developing safe and effective gene therapies, CarryGenes will provide novel solutions to fight a multitude of cancers.

A proprietary human Synthetic Chromosome (hSynC) will act as the carrier for antitumoral factors (OncoSynC) and be introduced into the patient’s own T-cells.  Such immune cells, named Cromo-T, have the potential to maintain long-term, enhanced, tumor-killing capacity against the patient’s tumor.  

”CarryGenes’ chromosome does not integrate into the human chromosomes and can potentially carry over 80 specific instructions (genes). The Cromo-T™ cell therapy is engineered with two safety switches, allowing optimal control strategies.”

The CarryGenes hSynC is defined as an extra mini chromosome added to the native genome composition, meaning the human cell now totals 47 chromosomes instead of 46 – something that can occur naturally among humans. This method is therefore considered a biological approach, utilizing what nature is already providing us. The use of Synthetic Chromosomes (hSynC) is a method totally unique for cancer treatment.

1. T-Cells extracted

T-cells are extracted from blood/lymph nodes. The T-cells are the body’s natural disease destroyer.

2. Cromo-T cell engineering

The T-cells are genetically engineered by introducing a chromosome that encodes multiple anti-tumor factors.

3. Expand and infuse Cromo-T cells

The Cromo-T cells are multiplied in a GMP-certified laboratory and following QC are infused into the patient.

4. Cromo-T cells attack cancer cells

Engineered Cromo-T cells infused into the patient will identify and home to the targeted cancer cells, triggering cancer cell death.